Re-Elect Carol Hamilton for Mayor on Saturday, October 20, 2018!

My name is Carol Hamilton, and let me briefly tell you why I want to continue to be your Mayor.

I have lived in Colwood for nearly 35 years and have seen many changes within the area, some good and some questionable. Our community has not escaped the tougher economic times and it will take continued patience, thoughtful and creative methods to continue our work.

As your Mayor I have enjoyed the challenges and rewards of working for you as a member of Council. I have provided leadership and demonstrated respectful collaborations with fellow Council members, staff, other governments and neighboring communities, and most importantly been accountable to our citizens.

My ‘platform’ will continue to be to provide strong leadership in reaching out to residents and working with all of Council to better the City of Colwood. I will ensuring Council decisions are made for the greater good of our Community and not just to further ‘special interests’. There is no “I” in my vision of the team that is Colwood City Council. I will continue to respectfully work alongside citizens, Council, staff and other parties toward an all-encompassing plan as to what can be done with our ‘waste water’ and the management thereof that is financially affordable for our taxpayers.

I will support the vision of the people through our recently revised Official Community Plan, including arts & culture, food security, transportation, and the environment, to ensure that we truly can “Live, Work and Play” here in the City of Colwood.

Our future requires economic viability, diversity and sustainability. By re-electing Carol Hamilton for Mayor, we can be successful in our endeavors with careful planning, vision and balance in mind, not just for today, or even the next few years but for decades to come. This includes exploring opportunities to work with other municipalities on ways to increase efficiency and fiscal responsibility in the Capital region.

Achieving our vision of a vibrant, connected and soulful community will take a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility in this time of economic uncertainty. We need to tighten our belts and carefully manage our finances. We can weather this economic downturn if we work together. I believe my past experiences in 36 years of building our family business, raising a family, surviving the economic crisis of the early 80’s and overcoming personal family tragedies has strengthened my values.

Carol Hamilton will bring strong business skills, commitment, leadership and compassion to Council chambers. This election brings a chance to refresh our vision and a new opportunity to work together toward a future of sustainability for all of us

I respectfully ask for your vote on Saturday, October 20th, 2018 to continue working with you as your Mayor.

If you wish to support Carol Hamilton for Mayor before election day, please go to the Support Carol Hamilton’s Re-election page, or donate directly to her re-election campaign below. Thank you for your support!

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